Now it’s getting serious

Don’t we all start out viewing just casually, then maybe you get drawn in to regular reading, then OK, you subscribe, then it’s a little addictive… Then it’s not enough to view, read, oogle, and comment, NOW YOU HAVE TO BLOG. They made it so exciting, seem so easy.

I am excited to be joining an amazing crowd of women who craft, sew, knit and crochet out there in the blogging world. Linking from one fun site to the next, getting inspirations faster than I can process the information sometimes.
I used to surf through in search of decorating ideas, and stumbled onto Flickr, which led me to Etsy, which led me to wonderful blog after wonderful blog, sometimes to viewing crafts and photos and writings from people so far away and with talent so impossibly above my reach, and yet so very accessible and close.
I received a sweet comment, MY FIRST comment today. Isn’t that a milestone for a blogger? I don’t care if it seems silly or trivial for me to be a bit giddy. Some one I don’t know, whom I have read dropped me a line. I have always been the quiet visitor, one who felt the story or the picture was already so fab, what would I have to say that would add, would have meaning for the stranger I was commenting? Today it made sense. The “hey, there” that acknowledges your fretful post and your picture that isn’t as great as you wished it were, it’s important stuff. I will no longer be the silent visitor. I will say “hello, loved your work, loved that shot”. I will be a blogging cheerleader. No more lurking for me. Now it’s getting serious, Hello, Blogger, allow me to introduce myself…

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