The KS My Stitch Crochet Guild president, Tamara Gonzales in the window of Twist Yarn Shop. Tamara is a crochet artist and teacher. She and Rosina and I met last week to create a plan to decorate the windows at Twist to celebrate National Crochet Month in March.

Rosina is in the window, she was busy, busy and though I promised to get her good side, she hardly held still long enough to catch her! This window is huge! Our plan was to recreate “your first apartment”, hand-me down furniture, all your first craft projects, all your hobbies crammed into one room.

That’s me in the window, we each took turns taking pictures as we went along, Rosina caught me making dinner plans on the phone.
Speaking of dinner, Tamara decided that the lady of this house was such a crochet freak, every aspect of her life was covered in yarn. Tamara put crocheted flowers in the coffee pot, in the salt shakers, on the tea saucers and even made a tossed salad of doilie lettuce. I LOVE IT.
There’s our pretty lady, she’s dressed in a vintage dress and apron. Her shoes are full of yarn and crochet hooks. We were fortunate that the shop two doors down, Harmonious Posh Vintage Boutique, allowed us to go through their merchandise and choose items to help us tell our story in Twist’s window. We borrowed a bowling bag, a phone, the dresses and shoes and a percolator.

Anything that would hold yarn was stuffed to the brim.

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  1. Tamara sent me over, sweet window!!

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