Twist on reality..

Obviously, I am not a photographer. The light hit the windows in such a way, it was impossible to really see the colorful pieces the crochet guild members allowed us to display. Trust me when I say it was like Spring had walked in and sat down for a while. I am ready for one of our Spring days.
This is my Grandmother’s watering can, and just behind it are the tails of one of her aprons. The rose is made of paper with turquoise ricrac and crochet sewn around it. I got this idea from seeing one of Tamara’s sweaters in the window in December. I loved the idea of crocheting onto the ricrac.
Doilies, delightful doilies. The coffee percolator is full of luscious yarn. I love the slice of pink coconut cake that Jackie loaned us for our display. I haven’t even mentioned getting to dig through Jackie Clark’s tubs of crochet pieces she collects. There was no shortage of choices.
The quilt thrown over the ironing board was hand pieced by Tamara’s Grandmother and given to her as a wedding gift. The colors are spectacular. More ricrac on the apron!
The icing on the cake.. I have to say, I like this picture. You can’t really see the colors as vibrantly as I would like, but I love the reflection of our clock tower. This clock tower is in the center of one of our city’s roundy-rounds. That’s not the technical term, but what I call the circular intersection that marks the end of the Delano District downtown.

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