Mama always knows

My mom is on vacation. She has been gone all but about five days this month. First Hawaii, now Padre Island. Woman of liesure. Retired. She called this morning to check in on all her chicks. Mother hen. She was hesitant to ask how things were going, last time she left there was a melt down and she decided to remain unavailable for the duration of her cruise, I was ruining her relaxing vibe. Much to her joy, this check-in, I had followed the advice she had given me before she left. Guess what, she was right. Having done what she asked, I had successful results. You were right Mom. Yes, she’s on vacation, yes, she’s retired, but she is always, always my mother, and she is always, always right. I am proof that you can raise your children to listen to their mother. While she may be away, this morning’s call is also proof that being a mother never ends. Not ever. I had more news, news that would spoil the Padre-vibe just as the cruise had been tainted, but I’m saving it for her return. I see no reason to spoil her fun at having been right.
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