Wish Jar

I love when I meet other women who are as oddly obsessed with little treasures as I am. I feel healthy, I feel normal, I feel understood and sense an immediate connection. Then I just want to share. Show me yours now! I have loved this aspect of the internet. I love that when I go to look at other blogs and websites they are full of other busy bees like myself. This jar belongs to my friend Lori’s neighbor. His mother was a teacher and each time she found a little bit or a little piece, she put it in this jar on her desk. After she retired, she kept the jar and when friends would bring their kids by to visit or eventually when grandkids came along, they would shake the jar, dump it out, oogle it all and put it back. Things got added over time. It is a fantastic time capsule, a collage of lives and wishes and dreams. When she showed it to me I couldn’t wait to start my own jar. Goodbye junk drawer, oh, no waste bin, you’ll have no more of my goodies. To the wish jar. I have plans for this stuff. There is a grandchild many, many years down the road that will someday dump out my jar and wonder at it’s treasures and ask about its contents. This is a story in the making.

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