Lovely Piles

Everything in the pile is so loved. My mother painted the little watercolor duckie when she was in grade school, the patterns were a nickle at a garage sale, I’ve since scanned them into my computer and passed them along. I knew when I bought them I would never sew one of them. I just liked the vintage pictures of the boy running. How could I not buy them for a nickle? Who charges a nickle anymore? Tonight my son and I made a “stop motion” video using his legos, we even set it to music. When I went to edit the photos, I found this one waiting. The little boy’s sweet face reminded me of my sweet boy. It’s been a long time since he looked at me with pure joy on his face, but tonight when he saw his Indiana Jones guy running on his stop motion movie, it was pure joy. “Now that’s cool, Mom”. My geekdom has perks.

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