Girl Trip

This is my sister, Jennifer. Today we drove to Kansas City, MO for a fun “girls day”. I was in charge of navigating. We only had to stop for directions once.
We gossiped, we threw tantrums, we ranted about our children and then had lunch. We shopped, we bargained, we threw more tantrums, then stopped for coffee. She gave me this sweet gift on the way home.
I took a picture because it isn’t often I get an unexpected
gift, (which was gift-wrapped and had a pretty card). No, these are rare moments I must document. The day just got better as it went. I loved my present, a book of essays and poems about sisters. She even had her favorite one picked out for me to read, “The Story of Two Very Different Sisters”. It was on the money and so wonderful. It had been a long time since we had time together. I see her often, but it’s always shared time with family or friends.. always with children, it seems. So today was a treat. I can’t wait to do it again. I call shotgun.
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