How Lucky..

I don’t feel lucky to the point that I’m purchasing a Lotto ticket every week KNOWING it’s going to be the winning ticket, the answer to my financial woes. Not lucky like that. But I am lucky. My luck exists in the form of keeping me EVEN. If I lose ten dollars this week, next week I’ll find five dollars in the laundry and someone will buy me lunch. EVEN STEVEN. My husband is luckier. If he calls on the radio to win the free tickets the DJ is giving away, he’ll be the right number caller, so will my son. They have better luck at winning randomly in life. My daughter has the worst luck. She gets caught anytime she breaks a rule, breaks something I love, or loses something imortant. She has the worst luck.

What is nice, though is that we get to enjoy the lucky bonuses as a family and when I feel on the down end of my luck, someone reminds me to wait a minute and it will repair itself and I’ll be even again soon. We fill the gaps for each other, my daughter may not win the lottery, but if her dad does, or her brother does, they will share, because I’m even-steven and I’ll make them share.

A fine example of my luck this week was having a friend who works in the retail industry giving me donations from her company. I won’t say what company or what goods they were, but it was a generous windfall. I picked up the goods and all week long gave things away like Santa Claus. I felt so good and giving felt so wonderful. I received from another contact eight bags of clothing donations that I could divy out to friends and family and use for sewing scraps, I received from my aunt a jewelry box full of trinkets and brooches that she selected from my Grandmother’s belongings when she passed away last month. All of this happened on the same lucky day. Then, delivering my goods this week, I got a ticket for speeding. EVEN STEVEN. What I gained in goods, I lost in fines. EVEN, but not at a loss. I laugh every time it happens. If I won the lottery, I would lose the check after I singed it. And then I would think, at least I won.
The photo insert is a book cover “The Luckies Girl”. Beverly Cleary. I love the graphics, the colors are soft and sweet.

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